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Expectant and new moms, and their babies, thrive when their mental health and wellness needs are prioritized. Maternal mental health disorders can occur any time during the perinatal period. This includes during the time that a woman is pregnant, and the postpartum period, or the first year or two after the baby is born.

Amanda Metcalf, founder of Ohana Counseling and Wellness, is certified in both perinatal mental health and wellness and lactation counseling. She is a mom to three young children, which allows her to understand and fully empathize with the struggles her clients are experiencing in motherhood, parenting, and/or family dynamics.

Specialized maternal mental health counseling helps individuals and families address the unique stressors, frustrations, and struggles that they may be dealing with such as infertility, loss, pregnancy, Baby Blues/Postpartum Depression & Anxiety symptoms, and the transition into parenting. If you are pregnant, or have recently become a new parent, and experience excessive anxiety about your baby, low self-esteem, inability to enjoy activities, excessive crying or feelings of overwhelm, or intrusive thoughts please get in touch today.

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“Compassion and open-mindedness are qualities that you cannot learn, and Amanda is an embodiment of both. Her overall energy radiates throughout the room, and has such a positive impact on others.”

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